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Brewing Process

Welcome to Leelanau Brewing,
where each and every beer is hand-made in small batches, using age old techniques of open fermentation, barrel aging and bottle conditioning.

We do not pitch any wild yeasts into our alchemy. Our magic is performed the old fashioned way. All Leelanau Brewing Company beers are aged in custom made oversized French oak barrels.

Our headquarters are situated on 18 acres of family owned land located two miles south of Leland, Michigan. Our bed and breakfast, ancient black walnut groves, cherry orchards, pear groves and our future brewing site are all within earshot of Lake Michigan.

*Please note that our headquarters are not
open to the public.*


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Leelanau Brewing in

Good Harbor Golden featured in Maxim's 2011 Beer Awards.

Whaleback White listed in GQ as the 11th best beer in the world.

Good Harbor Golden rated the 4th Best Belgian Golden in the world by the New York Times.

Our on-site brewery is being designed with the help of Ron Jeffries to resemble an old world european farmhouse brewery.

Until we are ready to open our own doors- we're proud to have Ron make our beer at his facility. (Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales) Ron's artistic approach combined with his old world brewing style is exactly our kind of beer.
Learn more about our brewing process from our brewmaster, Captain Ron Jeffries.


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